Sunday, November 21, 2004

Finally....Time to go back to my hometown...!!!

i stayed in NZ until 17th Nov. I boarded my flight back to Sdyney on 18th Nov early in the morning. I stayed up whole night in the christchurch, NZ airport as i was trying to reduce my travelling expenses. i reached Sdyney at about 9 am. Went to the Paddy's market and then meet up with my friend,Anthony. He accompanied me the whole night as i didn't book any accomodation since my flight back to Melbourne is also early in the morning. therefore, we lofe around Darling Harbour. Eventually, by 3am, he sent me to the airport and waited with me till 5am. I boarded my flight at 6.00am back to melbourne city. Once i reached there, i stayed in the airport whole day till 9pm at night as my flight back to Malaysia is on the same day. I wanted to make sure that i reached malaysia early in the morning on 20th nov. That day was my sis's birthday. i wanted to giv both she and my parent a surprise "come home" but unfortunately, my sis already knew about my plan. so she opted to fetch me from the airport. Therefore, that 3 days were really a marathon for me. I didn't sleep from 17th nov onwards until 20th nov!!! but i was very happy as i am finally back in the arm of my family !!!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Trip to NZ: Frank Josef Glacier

Frank josef Glacier, as the name stated, is a place where you can see glacier. It is really a fantastic place to go as you won't be able to see such scenary in M'sia. I went for a half day hiking in the glacier. It was really tiring but the experience is worthwhile. The half day hiking last for about 4 hrs. For the hiking purposes, i have to wear a 1.5kg boot and also a crampon. The crampon is to grip the ice when you are hiking on the glacier. To tell the truth, it was really very dangerous. Had any member from my group lost their balance, all of us would have easily fall off. As you can see from the pictures below, the walk was very narrow and slippery!!! I had trouble making sure that i don't fall down and i am sure the rest of my team members faced the same situation. well... you can see for yourself how dangerous it was. but don be intimidated by my description. really, the experience is really worth all the trouble. You should try it too !!!!

i was there on 13 and 14 Nov 2004. On 14th, i did my half day hiking !!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Trip to New Zealand: Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown.

Here is Queenstown. The most prominent thing in Queenstown is Lake Wakatipu. No matter where you are, you will definately see this Lake. It is the second largest lake in New Zealand and consider the largest lake in South Island. Therefore, as soon as you see this lake, you know that you have already reached Queenstown. Well.... For those LOTR fans or lovers, you will surely love this area. A lot of the LOTR merchandises are sold here and in fact, there are a lot of LOTR sight-seeing tour here. You will be able to see a lot of scenaries from LOTR movies. I, for one, love this place. Though, i must say, in comparison with the rest of the town, Queenstown has four season in a day. Even though i was there at the end of spring, the weather was still very very cold then. Below are pictures taken by the Lake. The scenaries are very breath-taking. Some of my friends don't believe that the pictures are real. Well... take a look at the pictures below and be the judge yourself!!!!

ohh... i stayed in Queenstown from 10th nov - 13th nov 2004.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

2nd day in Sdyney...

on the second day, i went to Circular Quay where the sdyney opera house and sdyney bridge fact, the rock is also there... I went over there, took a couple of pictures...mostly the landscape as i was travelling alone, thus, i don have many photos of me taken... occasionally i would asked some stranger to help me took a photograph...but still... not too often... hehehe... well... below are a few shots i have gotten in Circular Quay.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

well,... din do much as well on that day... As i have a big trip tomorrow(my trip to south island, NZ), i must make sure that i am fully energetic tomorrow...!!!!

Sdyney...Here i Come !!!!!!!

Well...after sending me off, i guess they headed back to Gippsland... for me, i was happily waiting for the sight of sdyney to arrive...after an hour of flight, i reached sdyney finally... I checked-in on my accomodation, YHA sdyney central (fantastic place to stay. Very clean, nice and also comfortable..price is AUD33 for a night ... is actually a 5 star hostel..just to let u know...) Then i went directly to the Sdyney Chinese Garden. Below are some pictures of the chinese garden... Though, i must said that i was quite dissapointed with the scenary there. Well...might be due to the fact that i have seen some really awesome garden in Beijing, China, therefore i find it a bit boring... well.... be the judge yourself... the entry price is about AUD6.00.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Departure Date!!!

Today my friend, Longy, Mel, Len, Tim and Denise went down with me to Melb City. They accompanied me whole night and even slept in the airport to sent me off. Let me explain here, my flight was on the 7th Nov early 6.15am. Therefore, they stayed up with me whole night from 6th Nov til my actual departure time!!! how sweet... thanks to them and also especially Longy for sending me to the Tullamarine airport and also Mel (hehehe... without your affirmation, the chaffeur wouldn't dare to sent me off!! ... u know la... hehehe :P) oh... and also Tim as he had to drive another car since there is no enough seating for all of us....Thanks to u guys !!! you guys rock !!! hehehe... i must confess that though i don really understand what that's mean, but since many ppl is using it... i guess it must be some really nice word...!!! kekekeke....)

Image hosted by

Sunday, October 17, 2004

hand over ceremony

today is the ISA hand over ceremony in Lady Mikado near Midvalley morwell... for all malaysian, this is not the midvalley in msia. it is called midvalley but is no way near as big as the Midvalley in malaysia... well... longy became the Master of Ceremony...well who else, the only asian with the strong accent... hahaha... he is good. thanks to him... well... we had a combination of japanese and korean cuisine... fantastic... well...below is the place...

philips island n len's birthday

today is the day i finally can watch the penguins parading home ,.... hahaha,... so happy... well... first of all, we went to mirboo north to have our lunch. over there we took a few pictures of the muriel. hopefully i got this spelling right.!!! then we proceed to philips island where we stopped at cowes for a short walk.WOW>... apparently there is the grand prix motorcycles racing there...but not the actual one cos the actual one is tomorrow. but the motors are really stylo.... fantastic. i took a few photos of them...
belows are the few photos taken in mirboo & philips island.

after that, we went to watch the penguin parade. the penguins are sp cute. they are so very tiny... they just ran when they are nearing their home... hahaha... it is really cute... but the weather isw freezing cold that day... all of my friends went off after watching a few penguins parade home... but i stayed longer... eventually, i went in as well... hahaha... cos it was almost time to go back to our bus... fantastic day. i love the penguins. !!!

(unfortunately no photos cos we are not allowed to take any photos during the penguin parade)

Friday, October 08, 2004

The 'GOWN' Day !! Congrate to all my friends..!!

Today is the gown day for all international student who is graduating this semester. This event is held just so that international student who opted to graduate at their own home country get a change to take some photos with their lecturers and friends in the graduation gown !!! so interesting to see everyone getting so excited over it... hahaha... makes me want to wear the gown as well... Congrat to all my friends who are graduating this semester. Hope to see u guys in future and friendship forever !!!

The two graduating friends of mine are Alicia (with red flower) and Melissa (with orange flower)... hehehe.. both of that flowers were by me... i know that i wont be there for their real graduation day, so i felt today is the day to buy them those flowers. so glad that they like it...

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

4th day in Canberra: Aust. Royal Mint, Nat.Gallery & Departure date

Today i had my breakfast with Eun Jeong, the Korean lady. She gave me one roll of sushi and asked me to share with her the rest of the sushi. I ate only 3 pieces as i don eat breakfast usually.

Went to the Australian Royal Mint today. i mint my own $1....hahaha...however, the process was so fast that u can't see anything at all.... after that i went to the High Court of Australia, decided to have my lunch is not ever time that u go into the High Court therefore i told myself that no matter what i must have lunch there. i ate my favourite food, Quiche. hahaha... really nice. I like it. then i set off to the National Gallery which is just beside the high Court. Spent about 45 min.

On my back back to my hotel which is about 2.30pm, i met with yet another lady that traveled alone. She is from Taiwan...( seems i am not the only one travel alone!!!!) Her name is Yu Fen. She is also planning to come to Melbourne on 29th which is the same day as the Korean lady... Anyway, by 3.00pm i reached my hotel, instead of collecting my backpack from the receptionist, i went to the Canberra Centre again to have a last look around. As i was about to collect my bag from the reception counter, to my suprise i see 2 of my seniors at the reception.... They just reached here today. Unfortunately, since i am leaving already so i can't tell them much. Just a quick guide on the places that i felt they must visit and then i left to catch a shuttle bus to the airport at platform 6.

Reached melbourne City at 7.oopm. Waited for th train back to Morwell at 8.30pm and finally reached reached Morwell at 10.45pm. My friend, Darrel, came to pick me up from the train station and brought me safely home to my house in Churchill. So by the time i reached home, it was already 11.00pm. Thanks to Darrel..............!!!!! by the way, He is our ISA (international Student Association) president this semester. hehehe.....

3rd day in Canberra:Cockington Green, Canberra Centre

As usual in Canberra, waking up at 6.ooam is already a habit(pls note, only in Canberra, *wink*, it is impossible for me to wake up that early in my Uni campus...hahaha). I took a shower and went out at about 8.08am. Missed the bus to Gold Creek Village. the purpose to Gold Creek Village was for the little miniature Great Britain in Cockington Green Garden. I had to wait for the 8.20am bus (no.52 platform 8). Reached there at about 9.05am however, cockington Green open at 9.30am. so i took the 25 minutes to take pictures. At about 9.30am, as soon as the gate opened, i went in to purchase my entry ticket and also the guide book. All this cost me about AUD$15.oo. As i imagined, i really love this place very very much. Surprisingly on that day, there were a lots of tourists either from Europe or from India... Well...those European ppl were really friendly and helpful. They helped me took a few photos...Thanks to them... hahaha... below are the pictures of Cockington Green Garden.
first=entrance of cockington green, inside of cockington green,

I also bought a lot of things here in Cockington Green Garden's shop....**SIGH** what to do...??? i am already broke.... i left Cockington at about 2.30pm. I went back to my Hotel to put all my stuff away and then went to Canberra Centre to get myself a daypack. The sling bag that i brought with me almost killed me especially when i have a lot of stuff in my bag. Hahaha... happy to get myself a red daypack which cost me about AUD$45. Well... by 6pm, i went back to my hostel and ate dinner at 7pm. Today, another person was added to our room. Her name is Bae Eun Jeong from Korea. Nice lady. I talked to her and told her how to walk about in Canberra. I gave her a RM10 as souvenir from Malaysia and in return she gave me 1000 won... hahaha... i told her not to..but she insisted... so happy that i now have a friend from Korea....and also...(***darling*** if u see this,well...i do it for u also...hahha... i remember u said something about Korean girls are cute... hehehe... i have her contact details with me... i will pass it to u if u ask..hahaha...**wink**)

Sunday, September 26, 2004

2nd day in Canberra: Nat.Library, Questacon, OPH, NPH and sunday market

well...took a shower at 5.30am and went out for a stroll at 7.ooam. Today i went to the National Library. hahah... i din go in anyway...just to take photos. and then within walking distance (app. 10min) is the Questacon (the sci and tech building). Interesting place... After that, i went to the Old parliament house and also the New parliament house. By 2.30pm, i left the New Parliament House and walked to the Sunday Market in wentworth, Kingston which took me 1 hrs to reach there. however, the sunday market closed at 4pm and i reached there at 3.30pm...sad..:( not much time for me to walk around... by 4.15pm, i left the sunday market and went to a nearby bus stop and waited for the bus. At that time, i was a bit scared as someone actually shouted at two Asian guy "CHINA BOY"...that's make me really scare as i was there and i was thinking what if the bus does not turn up at all???!!! luckily, the bus arrived at 5.30pm and i reached my hotel at about 6pm. Had my dinner and talked to my room mate, Marianne Riphogen from Netherlands. She has very good english!!

1st day in Canberra: War Memorial & Floriade

Arrived at Canberra airport about 8.45am. Board on a cab to bring me to my hotel:City Walk Hotel as shuttle buses do not operate on weekends. The hotel is more like a hostel as it is suited for backpackers. AUD$22 per night with kitchen facilities, clean linen, donna , a common area, toilets and shower rooms). FYI, the $22 is for a night where u share room with another 5 person ( is six bed per room). Not bad. i do like the hotel anyway as it is clean. Below is a picture of the room.

after i checked in my room, i went straight to the War Memorial by a bus (by the way, the bus interchange is just directly in front of my hotel:convenient right??? hehe....). Cost me about AUD$2.40 for the bus fare. With international student card, u will be able to get a concession price which is about AUD$1.30. Well...on the whole, war memorial is like what the name suggest, "WAR MEMORIAL". So everything u see is about war. Well...for those who like history very very much, this is the place for u!!! **WINK** However, for me, does give me a very eerie feeling... some of the sculpture there makes me scared...hahaha... I spent about 3 hrs there.

After that i went to Floriade, the famous flower extravaganza. Beautiful. really lovely. I love it. Below are a few pictures on Floriade. to tell the truth, i don quite dare to ask ppl to take picture for me at the very beginning, therefore, the only pict of me in the war memorial is the above pict...hehehe... **blush**, ppl shy ma.... However, at the Floriade, as the flowers are too beautiful, i gather my courage and started asking people to take photos for me...haha... (FYI, i went to Canberra alone, a real fantastic experience!! **wink**). on the right side of the photo is capt.cook memorial jet. it only operates from 10-12pm and also from 2-4pm. Well...after that, which is about 4pm. I was very very tired as i did not sleep the day before, so i went back to the hotel and slept at 6pm. unfortunately woke up at 12 midnight and just tossed and turned about in my bed until 5.30am where i got up to take a bath...:( sad....

Friday, September 24, 2004

the departure date!!!

Today i slept at 6am because i took me whole night to research & plan my trip to Canberra and also to pack my bag. I woke up at about 2pm, prepare myself and by 5pm, Alicia fetch me to the Morwell train station of which i depart to Melbource City (Spencer St. to be exact)at about 5.30pm (A big THANKS to u, Alicia **wink**). I met with a bangladesh doctor in the train. He is also going to Melbourne city but heading off at Dandenong. I reached Spencer st. at about 7.45pm. as my flight is tomorrow morning 25th sept at 7.45am, therefore, i don plan to sleep at all as i am sure i wont be able to wake up on time (**blush**). hahaha... my housemate can easily be my witness as they have to suffer the noisiness of my alarm clock while i still sleep like a log most of the time...hahahaha... (**sorry to them all**) ;P

well....since i have nothing to do in Melbourne city, i went to the Crown. well... for your information, i did not gamble at all... hahaha... i just went there to sit and also to take some pictures. These pictures below are all taken in front of the Crown.

hahaha....nice right??? i am proud of it as well...hahaha... anyway, i sat by the river until 2.30am and then i walked back to Spencer st. to board the shuttle bus to Melbourne airport. I reach there at about 3.30am and spent the rest of my time reading in the airport. Finally board my flight at 7.30am and the plane "Virgin blue" depart Melbourne City at 7.45am. TO CANBERRA, HERE I COME.............!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Ski Trip In Mt Hotham

Today is the day i am finally able to ski, make snowman and see REAL snow. The feeling of excitement caused me to abandon my sleeping and stayed up whole night until 3.45am in the morning of 22 Aug 2004 to board the Uni bus that brought us to Mt Hotham. I tried sleeping in the bus but it was useless. I am too excited. When the bus finally arrived at Mt Hotham, i can't help but rushing myself to get my skiing gear and had everything ready for the skiing lesson. However, all my excitement was drenched off when i started to realize the adventurous journey of skiing. Let me make is as simple as possible to associate my skiing adventure. "SKIING is HELL". All my dream of skiing like a PRO and make my friends envious was thoroughly backfired when I practically fell down in every imaginable ways.!!!

My friends and i decided to go to the summit of Mt Hotham and get some good shots.... i was so happy and glad that i followed them up when i saw the exquisitely scenery. However, after about an hour of photo taking, all my gladness and happiness just disappeared and was substituted with fear of going down the dangerously steep slope. i tried letting myself relaxed and went down like normal..... it was ok for only about 1 minutes and then the "heroic" fall performances begun again. Eventually, after about 3 falls, i gave up and took off my skiing gear. I walked all the way down the slope. My takes almost hours and hours to reach below. Well...i am glad that i experienced it and i seriously don't want to endure that ever again !!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Party !!!

yesterday we had a birthday party for a few people namely Yong, Herman, Vikki and Kenny. Four of them celebrated their birthday in our house. so yesterday we had a very long night with cocktail and a bit of dancing. The music was blasting the whole night until about 4 am in the morning. Although i did not join the party much cos i seldom drinks and dance, i find the music to be very good though.

Monday, August 16, 2004

The big step!!!

After all this year, i finally brought up the courage to dye my hair. However, i have to take such a long time and a lot of convicing before i finally do it... well...i am quite surprise...i find that i quite like the after effect of my hair. Hopefully by changing hair colour, i will be able to change my inconfident personality as well....A "BIG" thanks to Alicia. She contributed the most in the dying hair process.....She has such a big part of job, including acting as a hair-stylist, hair-counsellor, beautician and etc. Thanks to her. And not forgetting Lenore as well...for giving her opinion on most suitable colour for my hair. Thanks to all of u!!!!!
and specially thanks to Yong for driving us to midvalley....

Well...This is my new hair colour!!


Sunday, August 15, 2004


In August, one of the biggest event was the Annual SRA Ball. Everybody has to dress up for this particular ball. at first, i decided not to go ... eventually, i changed my mind and bought the ticket in the last minute. i was lucky to get a dinner ticket..or rather i thought i was lucky. supposingly the event was "GRAND" but mind u, i find that event to be a dissapointment! Firstly, the organizer never once introduced themselves. The ball dinner ended so fast with only one main course (a choice of lamb or chicken schnitzel) and a dessert ( a choice of salad or chocolate cake). Even though sometimes u might find that speeches is dreadfully boring, no speeches at all make the atmosphere a bit weird as well.....!!! Hopefully in future, the organizers will take note of this small but neccessary problem.

Here is a pict of me, siti, alicia, sue, lenore and melissa

Monash big day out

during our orientation which last for a week, we were arranged to meet with other Monash campuses Australia in a place named : Healesville . We went for a tour in Healesville sanctuary and during dinner time, we met up with other campuses students.(newbizs as well). We danced folk dance together. It was quite fun!!

Below is a pic taken after the dinner and dance!!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

the orientation

during the orientation, i was lucky to meet a bunch of friends of mine. They are really good people. starting with the eldest and most sensible Zen, the funny housemate Alvin, the friendly Steve, the handsome Yee Jin, the other three hometown buddy(sky, ching hou and Angeline), 2 indon best friends (Audrey & Ervinna), the fairest of all, each and the beautiful, happening housemate Alicia. oh....also not to forget the rich chauffeur, yong(longy). Very lucky to meet u guys!!! Would like to thanks u guys as well... without all of you,,... i will be very very homesick and lonely here in Gippsland. Hope our friendship will remain forever !!!!
pict of me and a bunch of newbizs of Monash University Gippsland Campus. Good luck guys in surviving Gippsland !!!!

the month of July

well....during the month of July, a part of my life change thoroughly. I came alone all the way from Malaysia to Australia . A country that is totally alien to me. I have no idea what to expect. Besides that, all this while, i have been living happily under the guidance of my parents and at 9th July, i have to start a new journey of my life without my family around me for a year. Well...some might think that one year is not that long but for me who has never leave my family day seems long enough for me...what more to say about a year. It is like a torture.........!!! However, i was lucky to meet with a few friends here. And especially two of my friends who showed me around Gippsland and always make sure that i am not lonely here. Therefore, i am very gladful. I specifically want to thanks Melissa Lim and Lenore Liew for all their efforts. Thanks u gals !

difficult to wake up

haiya....everyday i have to drag myself out of bed. STudying in Gippsland makes me too relax....which causes me to sleep more than i do.... goodness.... i am becoming lazier and lazier.... how i wish i can stay like that forever, doing nothing and lazying around.