Sunday, November 21, 2004

Finally....Time to go back to my hometown...!!!

i stayed in NZ until 17th Nov. I boarded my flight back to Sdyney on 18th Nov early in the morning. I stayed up whole night in the christchurch, NZ airport as i was trying to reduce my travelling expenses. i reached Sdyney at about 9 am. Went to the Paddy's market and then meet up with my friend,Anthony. He accompanied me the whole night as i didn't book any accomodation since my flight back to Melbourne is also early in the morning. therefore, we lofe around Darling Harbour. Eventually, by 3am, he sent me to the airport and waited with me till 5am. I boarded my flight at 6.00am back to melbourne city. Once i reached there, i stayed in the airport whole day till 9pm at night as my flight back to Malaysia is on the same day. I wanted to make sure that i reached malaysia early in the morning on 20th nov. That day was my sis's birthday. i wanted to giv both she and my parent a surprise "come home" but unfortunately, my sis already knew about my plan. so she opted to fetch me from the airport. Therefore, that 3 days were really a marathon for me. I didn't sleep from 17th nov onwards until 20th nov!!! but i was very happy as i am finally back in the arm of my family !!!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Trip to NZ: Frank Josef Glacier

Frank josef Glacier, as the name stated, is a place where you can see glacier. It is really a fantastic place to go as you won't be able to see such scenary in M'sia. I went for a half day hiking in the glacier. It was really tiring but the experience is worthwhile. The half day hiking last for about 4 hrs. For the hiking purposes, i have to wear a 1.5kg boot and also a crampon. The crampon is to grip the ice when you are hiking on the glacier. To tell the truth, it was really very dangerous. Had any member from my group lost their balance, all of us would have easily fall off. As you can see from the pictures below, the walk was very narrow and slippery!!! I had trouble making sure that i don't fall down and i am sure the rest of my team members faced the same situation. well... you can see for yourself how dangerous it was. but don be intimidated by my description. really, the experience is really worth all the trouble. You should try it too !!!!

i was there on 13 and 14 Nov 2004. On 14th, i did my half day hiking !!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Trip to New Zealand: Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown.

Here is Queenstown. The most prominent thing in Queenstown is Lake Wakatipu. No matter where you are, you will definately see this Lake. It is the second largest lake in New Zealand and consider the largest lake in South Island. Therefore, as soon as you see this lake, you know that you have already reached Queenstown. Well.... For those LOTR fans or lovers, you will surely love this area. A lot of the LOTR merchandises are sold here and in fact, there are a lot of LOTR sight-seeing tour here. You will be able to see a lot of scenaries from LOTR movies. I, for one, love this place. Though, i must say, in comparison with the rest of the town, Queenstown has four season in a day. Even though i was there at the end of spring, the weather was still very very cold then. Below are pictures taken by the Lake. The scenaries are very breath-taking. Some of my friends don't believe that the pictures are real. Well... take a look at the pictures below and be the judge yourself!!!!

ohh... i stayed in Queenstown from 10th nov - 13th nov 2004.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

2nd day in Sdyney...

on the second day, i went to Circular Quay where the sdyney opera house and sdyney bridge fact, the rock is also there... I went over there, took a couple of pictures...mostly the landscape as i was travelling alone, thus, i don have many photos of me taken... occasionally i would asked some stranger to help me took a photograph...but still... not too often... hehehe... well... below are a few shots i have gotten in Circular Quay.

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well,... din do much as well on that day... As i have a big trip tomorrow(my trip to south island, NZ), i must make sure that i am fully energetic tomorrow...!!!!

Sdyney...Here i Come !!!!!!!

Well...after sending me off, i guess they headed back to Gippsland... for me, i was happily waiting for the sight of sdyney to arrive...after an hour of flight, i reached sdyney finally... I checked-in on my accomodation, YHA sdyney central (fantastic place to stay. Very clean, nice and also comfortable..price is AUD33 for a night ... is actually a 5 star hostel..just to let u know...) Then i went directly to the Sdyney Chinese Garden. Below are some pictures of the chinese garden... Though, i must said that i was quite dissapointed with the scenary there. Well...might be due to the fact that i have seen some really awesome garden in Beijing, China, therefore i find it a bit boring... well.... be the judge yourself... the entry price is about AUD6.00.

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Departure Date!!!

Today my friend, Longy, Mel, Len, Tim and Denise went down with me to Melb City. They accompanied me whole night and even slept in the airport to sent me off. Let me explain here, my flight was on the 7th Nov early 6.15am. Therefore, they stayed up with me whole night from 6th Nov til my actual departure time!!! how sweet... thanks to them and also especially Longy for sending me to the Tullamarine airport and also Mel (hehehe... without your affirmation, the chaffeur wouldn't dare to sent me off!! ... u know la... hehehe :P) oh... and also Tim as he had to drive another car since there is no enough seating for all of us....Thanks to u guys !!! you guys rock !!! hehehe... i must confess that though i don really understand what that's mean, but since many ppl is using it... i guess it must be some really nice word...!!! kekekeke....)

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