Sunday, June 01, 2008

080531 - Port Dickson Trip

Early in the morning, we set off at about 9am. All went there in a few cars... Luckily i do not need to drive as those who drive that day were all bless with fantastic super expensive cars such as WISH, CAMRY, RAV4, MURANO & etc.... goodness, imagine me driving MyVi there. Luckily, this round, i do not need to drive at all. I sat nicely In RAV4 and enjoy my journey to PD. Wo hoo.... Above pictures were taken when we reached the banglo. We quickly decorate the front hall with balloons and a wishing board "SELAMAT JALAN SINGAPORE KIA".... Well... yeah, Ivan's farewell and he happens to be one singaporean. He is finally going back for good and preparing for marriage with Eurris. I am so happy for him!!!!

Above show pictures of us waiting for Ivan to open the front door. Each of us had in our hand all the cut-sized pieces of paper which we intend to throw on them when they arrived.

(all the photos are photos of our group pictures. Yeah... all URC-ian, X-URC-ian !!!!!)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chef Wan Launch at KL

Yeah... Completely cool... We get to join the launch of Chef Wan cookshow for Ayamas. Wow... We were expected to wear our Ayamas uniform, therefore i went there with it but slightly modified... hahaha.. well .. what to do... i am still unable to fit myself into the shirt so i have to wear another read blouse inside... It was quite interesting. We get to see Chef Wan life cooking show, some journalists, ayamas top management and best of all...FOC food... wahahaha... here are those photos taken during the launch...

pic of me & my colleagues

Two of my best Pals in Ayamas -Eyling (above left) Paul (below)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Darlie farewell

Bye bye darlie. We shall miss u. HOpefully after your graduation, we have to chance to meet again in this company !!!>.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thailand Trip

Wow....i am so lucky to be given the chance to travel to Thailand only after working for about 1 month in this company. Absolutely awesome. We were actually there to source for supplier for one of m=our new project. Met up with the potential supplier in Ranong. Very outskirt place but famous for their hot spring. Really fantastic. However, that place is really boring... hahaha... But then of course we get to stay in Thailand Bangkok and did our shopping there. i bought one ciplak LV bag there. hahaha... yeah yeah... some of you who knows me must be shock to hear this but yes... i really bought one.. hehehe.. i am shocked myself but well... i quite like it... Don know whether i will really use it or not.. hahaha....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

AYAMAS, here i come

Finally, the first day of work in Ayamas. I travelled all the way to Wisma KFC for my first day of work. Damn, the public transport was horrible. I have to go to KL sentral by Komuter as early as 6.30am to catch a good seating, else i have to travel all the way to KL sentral standing!!! FYI, it is an hour journey from Klang to KL Sentral. When i reached KL Sentral, i have to walk a short distance of 3 mins journey to reach KL monorail station. From there, i have to travelled by KL Monorail for about 20 mins to reach Raja Chulan station whereby i have to walked another 5 mins to reach Wisma KFC. Wow... good exercise for me....... The time to travel back home is even worst! complete nightmare. People seems to be rushing back at about 6.15pm. In order to make sure that i can reach klang before 8pm, i need to squeeze my way into the Komuter that arrive Kl Sentral by 6.15pm. The passengers were humongous. There hardly seems to be any place with any breathing space available by the time all the passengers rush into the komuter. In fact, not all were able to squeezed their way in...... really scary..!!!