Friday, August 10, 2007

070810 - Melaka & Seremban

Went to Melaka for some business there. After our business, we went to Seremban for the food there. Heard that this restaurant was recommended by the Malaysian's "Ah Sian". A guy who goes to all the best area for local delicacies. My first impression of the place is "huh?!! this place is seriously good for the crab ? Well... we ta pao back for our family. When i brought it home, my parents first question is "yeah mer ? very good ar? looks normally only ma".... To our surprise, after the first bite...hmmm... the taste lasted very long. It is really superb. The "Siu Hai" is bloody good. Highly recommended !!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

070805 - Finally inside "Eyes On Msia"

Today, Dad suddenly said that we should all go to "Eyes on Msia". Of cos i was excited. I always love the ferries wheel and to be able to sit on such a large we went together with 2 cousins of us, vivian & Tuck Keng. The queue was surprisingly fast. We do not have to wait long for our turn. We pay RM 100.00 for one full gondola which can take max 8 pax. As we have already 7 ppl, we thought might as well. The view from atop is really awesome . However, the excitement came from being able to enjoy such view with one whole family. On this day, i too realized how important a good camera phone can do to us. We went there on the spur of the moment. Hence we do not have any camera with us except phone camera. Wow... luckily both our phone has nice camera.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

070804 - Rokuzen Fiesta

Wow... Been so long since we last came over to Rokuzen-Plaza Hartamas. Therefore, today i convinced my mum to de-tour to Plaza Hartamas to indulge ourselves with some japanese delicacies !!!.
The food that i find most solid is the softshell crab maki (the one with orangy colour topping sushi) follow by the Unagi maki. hmmmm... delicious. Today we tried the teapot soup. Surprisingly, it is very nice..... Me mum ordered sashimi... too bad. i don like sashimi...yeah yeah.. i know.. silly me. how can i love jap food but don eat sashimi.. hahaha.. well.. i just don know why. Guess it is the psychology thing. I don really dislike the sashimi. Just that when i am biting or chewing sashimi, my mind kept repeatedly inform me that i am eating raw food. Hence, i gave up trying to eat sashimi.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

In Memory of "2nd tiun kong"

Today during working hour, my sister suddenly called me. I was happy that she called until i realized what she has to say to me....

Sis:" Did you hear any news from mum?"
Me:" No wor.. What happen?"
Sis:" 2nd tiun kong passed away yesterday midnight in the hospital."
<*of course i was stunned. My mind totally blank...>
Me:" yorrr... How come ? what happen? how come he is in hospital?"
Sis:" Well..Apparently he had a sudden heart attack and was send to hospital in the evening and at night, he just passed away like that."
Me:" Shit ar.... So how? How is 2nd yi po?"
Sis:" Don know wo.. Mum is there with grandma dy."
Me:" Ok... Tonight must go back early so that we can attend the funeral ceremony."

Well.. i am sure most Chinese understand what i meant when i said funeral ceremony. For chinese, after somebody passed away, what we do is that we arrangee for either a one day, 3 days, 5 days or max 1 week funeral ceremony for the ceased person. The funeral can be in many styles depending on the immediate family wishes (there are sai kong style, buddhism style or many many more. I am sure my 2nd yi po's family will go for sai kong style... Unfortunately, by 6pm, my colleague brought a message from our M.Director saying that he wanted my help to compile something for the BIG meeting on thursday (which is the next next day) and that he is leaving on tomorrow morning 10am. Therefore, he needed those compilation tonight. When i received this news, i was very sure that i will not be able to make it for the first funeral day.....And just as i suspected, i only managed to go home at 10.30pm tonight. Yeah... i din make it for the first funeral day.... I actually felt a bit sad that i am not able to go. I guess after having experienced death in my own family(being my last uncle), i realized that being there to console the lost one's immediate family is very important and it comforts them and makes them felt so much better. It is true, having someone there to share the lost is better than alone... Nevertheless, it also makes a lasting impression as a person that ppl can depend on. The truth is, my 2nd yi po is a very nice person. She is always there whenever we are sad and will always be there to comfort us... Take for example my last uncle case, without doubt my granny was very miserable and sad at that time of his death and my 2nd yi po was there everyday (day & nite)... Therefore, when something like that happen to her, i wanted so much to be there also. Even if i don get a chance to talk to her or anything, by being there itself is a comfort for them. Luckily my sis, mum and dad were there. So at least i felt better. Nonetheless, i vow to go there tomorrow nite. A must for me.....