Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day - 25.12.2006

Today, i wanted so much to purchase my dream digital camera. Therefore, at 11.00am, i went to Klang Parade to look for the digital camera range. I have in mind 3 camera; exilim, sony t10 & Canon Ixus 850s. Eventually, after much comparing and discussing it with the salesperson, i decided to buy Ixus 850 s. The Camera LCD is great as compared to the other two....Imagine, me in dilemma which to buy for almost an hour before i finally made my decision. hehehe... Merry Xmas to myself.....

After that, went home directly to fetch sis as we had already booked ticket to watch movie with our cousin at JJ, Bukit Raja. We had our lunch there as well....

After the movie, we went home to rest for about an hour before departing to One Utama for our christmas dinner with our friend and cousin !!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Daddy's Bday Brunch & Curve Shopping - 24.12.2006

Today we celebrated our dad's birthday. In actual, my dad's birthday is yesterday. Unfortunately, my sister were otherwise engaged. Hence, we have to postpone the Bday celebration meal to today. We went all the way to Yong Tat, Telok Gong to have our brunch. Were recommended by my dad and sis, saying that the restaurant serve good food. Well... I must say the food is good. We enjoyed our food very much. However, i must say, i find the bill quite expensive. Especially for certain food. Below are the pictures and the price. I am sure you know which expensive food i am refering to......

After that, we planned to go to The Curve to get Daddy's Xmas present. We went there at 2pm. Horrible jam, man... Besides that, i got a "surprised" phone call from someone from my kaisha. "This person" started babbling about all the "hateful" things that "this person" had done to all of us in our kaisha. To me, explaining means trying to cover track that "this person" had walked. Therefore, it convinced me even more that "this person" is the culprit behind all the "issues" that we faced in our kaisha... Anyway, i can't be bother with all the petty things happening in our kaisha. hehehe... Life's too short to worry about this kinda "irritating, pest" !!.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Tong Yuen Day !!!!

Happy Tong Yuen Day to everybody !!! We had a good tong yuen prepared by our very own URC chef, Justine Wong... Good tong yuen soup !!! We love it. Thanks to you gal...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

20th December 2006


Today, we presented a present for Ivan, the one and only Singaporean among us.... This is a token of appreciation for all the "big Big" effort that he contributed to us during the christmas party celebration.

Thanks to you Ivan. Hope u like th present !!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

First Bonus Spent - 17.12.06

Since started working, i have been telling my mum that i will buy her Louis Vuitton Handbag. Therefore, after working for 6 mths & struggling to save those money, i finally, dare to bring my mum to LV Starhill, KL to choose the bag that she likes. To tell the truth, kinda afraid that the bag that my mum chose will overshoot the money that i saved up. Fortunately, it is within the budget. hahaha... Below is the picture taken of the bag that she choose. As for the dress, i bought that for my cousin's wedding dinner. I went searching for dress high and low in KL but the sizes are quite limited. To my amazement, i found this dress in Klang Parade, Oltre Mode. The Cost is of course expensive. However, the material of this dress is good. Therefore, in my opinion, it is value for money product!!!.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Xmas Party in URC - 15th December 2006

Wow... Time flies man... it has been half a year for me in URC working as mktg exec. i love my times here apart from the normal up and down of lifes, being in URC is one of the happiest moment of my life as well....

Today we had our xmas party. yeah yeah... i know it is too early for xmas celebration. But then, our colleagues here mostly will be taking leave during christmas time, therefore, it is wise to have an early celebration. We had barbeque in our company.. hahaha... The whole event is good. Thanks to our Singaporean friend, Ivan ( u r the best man ><). He bought each of us a santa hat. It really makes us feel like Christmas. What, with the xmas tree and presents.... wohooo.... We had an exchange presents ceremony after all the eating. The whole event ends at midnight. Thank you so much to Justine for organizing the event !!!! We love u, girl !!!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Arrival Of GENKI- 13th December 2006

Woo hooo... Genki is finally here.... A new addition to our family, Genki. He is a "australian Silky Terrier" breed. Very Cute... Kawaii ne... My Aunt gave one to us after her "Silky meow meow" (her Silky's name) gave birth to 2 new puppy (long fong tai- a mel, a female) on 10th November 2006. Today, finally, we can bring him to our home sweet home.


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Monday, December 11, 2006

Actual Wedding Day 10th December 2006.

Today is the actual day... Well... i will update you guys with the whole event later as i do not have any photos with me currently. Awaiting for the photos to arrive from my sis. Gomen gomen.. will update it soon..

Monday, December 04, 2006

Shiau Way Jie Jie's Wedding Dinner - 3th December 2006

ding dong bell... Today is Shiau Way's wedding dinner (girl's side). She is our eldest sis in our whole "ng" family. Finally we can here the ding dong bell.. hahaha... Our First wedding for our generation... good good. It is nice to know that she is happy. We are happy for her too... Shiau Way jie jie, good luck ne.. :P. Adam... must be nice to her ar... Else, we won't let u go easily man !!!

Below are photos taken during the wedding dinner... Food.....yeahh....

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