Sunday, August 22, 2004

Ski Trip In Mt Hotham

Today is the day i am finally able to ski, make snowman and see REAL snow. The feeling of excitement caused me to abandon my sleeping and stayed up whole night until 3.45am in the morning of 22 Aug 2004 to board the Uni bus that brought us to Mt Hotham. I tried sleeping in the bus but it was useless. I am too excited. When the bus finally arrived at Mt Hotham, i can't help but rushing myself to get my skiing gear and had everything ready for the skiing lesson. However, all my excitement was drenched off when i started to realize the adventurous journey of skiing. Let me make is as simple as possible to associate my skiing adventure. "SKIING is HELL". All my dream of skiing like a PRO and make my friends envious was thoroughly backfired when I practically fell down in every imaginable ways.!!!

My friends and i decided to go to the summit of Mt Hotham and get some good shots.... i was so happy and glad that i followed them up when i saw the exquisitely scenery. However, after about an hour of photo taking, all my gladness and happiness just disappeared and was substituted with fear of going down the dangerously steep slope. i tried letting myself relaxed and went down like normal..... it was ok for only about 1 minutes and then the "heroic" fall performances begun again. Eventually, after about 3 falls, i gave up and took off my skiing gear. I walked all the way down the slope. My takes almost hours and hours to reach below. Well...i am glad that i experienced it and i seriously don't want to endure that ever again !!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Party !!!

yesterday we had a birthday party for a few people namely Yong, Herman, Vikki and Kenny. Four of them celebrated their birthday in our house. so yesterday we had a very long night with cocktail and a bit of dancing. The music was blasting the whole night until about 4 am in the morning. Although i did not join the party much cos i seldom drinks and dance, i find the music to be very good though.

Monday, August 16, 2004

The big step!!!

After all this year, i finally brought up the courage to dye my hair. However, i have to take such a long time and a lot of convicing before i finally do it... well...i am quite surprise...i find that i quite like the after effect of my hair. Hopefully by changing hair colour, i will be able to change my inconfident personality as well....A "BIG" thanks to Alicia. She contributed the most in the dying hair process.....She has such a big part of job, including acting as a hair-stylist, hair-counsellor, beautician and etc. Thanks to her. And not forgetting Lenore as well...for giving her opinion on most suitable colour for my hair. Thanks to all of u!!!!!
and specially thanks to Yong for driving us to midvalley....

Well...This is my new hair colour!!


Sunday, August 15, 2004


In August, one of the biggest event was the Annual SRA Ball. Everybody has to dress up for this particular ball. at first, i decided not to go ... eventually, i changed my mind and bought the ticket in the last minute. i was lucky to get a dinner ticket..or rather i thought i was lucky. supposingly the event was "GRAND" but mind u, i find that event to be a dissapointment! Firstly, the organizer never once introduced themselves. The ball dinner ended so fast with only one main course (a choice of lamb or chicken schnitzel) and a dessert ( a choice of salad or chocolate cake). Even though sometimes u might find that speeches is dreadfully boring, no speeches at all make the atmosphere a bit weird as well.....!!! Hopefully in future, the organizers will take note of this small but neccessary problem.

Here is a pict of me, siti, alicia, sue, lenore and melissa

Monash big day out

during our orientation which last for a week, we were arranged to meet with other Monash campuses Australia in a place named : Healesville . We went for a tour in Healesville sanctuary and during dinner time, we met up with other campuses students.(newbizs as well). We danced folk dance together. It was quite fun!!

Below is a pic taken after the dinner and dance!!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

the orientation

during the orientation, i was lucky to meet a bunch of friends of mine. They are really good people. starting with the eldest and most sensible Zen, the funny housemate Alvin, the friendly Steve, the handsome Yee Jin, the other three hometown buddy(sky, ching hou and Angeline), 2 indon best friends (Audrey & Ervinna), the fairest of all, each and the beautiful, happening housemate Alicia. oh....also not to forget the rich chauffeur, yong(longy). Very lucky to meet u guys!!! Would like to thanks u guys as well... without all of you,,... i will be very very homesick and lonely here in Gippsland. Hope our friendship will remain forever !!!!
pict of me and a bunch of newbizs of Monash University Gippsland Campus. Good luck guys in surviving Gippsland !!!!

the month of July

well....during the month of July, a part of my life change thoroughly. I came alone all the way from Malaysia to Australia . A country that is totally alien to me. I have no idea what to expect. Besides that, all this while, i have been living happily under the guidance of my parents and at 9th July, i have to start a new journey of my life without my family around me for a year. Well...some might think that one year is not that long but for me who has never leave my family day seems long enough for me...what more to say about a year. It is like a torture.........!!! However, i was lucky to meet with a few friends here. And especially two of my friends who showed me around Gippsland and always make sure that i am not lonely here. Therefore, i am very gladful. I specifically want to thanks Melissa Lim and Lenore Liew for all their efforts. Thanks u gals !

difficult to wake up

haiya....everyday i have to drag myself out of bed. STudying in Gippsland makes me too relax....which causes me to sleep more than i do.... goodness.... i am becoming lazier and lazier.... how i wish i can stay like that forever, doing nothing and lazying around.