Sunday, October 17, 2004

hand over ceremony

today is the ISA hand over ceremony in Lady Mikado near Midvalley morwell... for all malaysian, this is not the midvalley in msia. it is called midvalley but is no way near as big as the Midvalley in malaysia... well... longy became the Master of Ceremony...well who else, the only asian with the strong accent... hahaha... he is good. thanks to him... well... we had a combination of japanese and korean cuisine... fantastic... well...below is the place...

philips island n len's birthday

today is the day i finally can watch the penguins parading home ,.... hahaha,... so happy... well... first of all, we went to mirboo north to have our lunch. over there we took a few pictures of the muriel. hopefully i got this spelling right.!!! then we proceed to philips island where we stopped at cowes for a short walk.WOW>... apparently there is the grand prix motorcycles racing there...but not the actual one cos the actual one is tomorrow. but the motors are really stylo.... fantastic. i took a few photos of them...
belows are the few photos taken in mirboo & philips island.

after that, we went to watch the penguin parade. the penguins are sp cute. they are so very tiny... they just ran when they are nearing their home... hahaha... it is really cute... but the weather isw freezing cold that day... all of my friends went off after watching a few penguins parade home... but i stayed longer... eventually, i went in as well... hahaha... cos it was almost time to go back to our bus... fantastic day. i love the penguins. !!!

(unfortunately no photos cos we are not allowed to take any photos during the penguin parade)

Friday, October 08, 2004

The 'GOWN' Day !! Congrate to all my friends..!!

Today is the gown day for all international student who is graduating this semester. This event is held just so that international student who opted to graduate at their own home country get a change to take some photos with their lecturers and friends in the graduation gown !!! so interesting to see everyone getting so excited over it... hahaha... makes me want to wear the gown as well... Congrat to all my friends who are graduating this semester. Hope to see u guys in future and friendship forever !!!

The two graduating friends of mine are Alicia (with red flower) and Melissa (with orange flower)... hehehe.. both of that flowers were by me... i know that i wont be there for their real graduation day, so i felt today is the day to buy them those flowers. so glad that they like it...