Thursday, October 25, 2007

Resignation is the day i finally tender my resignation. Wow... never know that i will really leave this company as i really love working there. Well.. i guess people must move on to grow up... haha.. however, i will never forget all that i have learned, enjoyed and cultivate here. I will miss u guys tremendously

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our Beloved Joyce Chu Chu Farewell

About a month ago , we received a shocking news from Chu chu saying that she is going to resign and will be reporting to a new company soon. Well.. she is really secretive about her new working place. All we know is in KL, FMCG line but not food related... Wow.. what a small tip, we cannot guess at all where she is going.... Anyway, we still felt sad that she is going even though she is very quiet and not as "bising" as our dearest tiger.. haha *wink* (pls don kill me tiger).

Anyway, on that day, i was not able to attend on her last day. That is because i was going for my offer letter from *A* company. hehe.. yeah yeah.. soon i will be throwing my letter too...

Back to the main topic, so, today is her last day, so my colleagues surprised her with a bouquet of flowers (above is picture of the flowers) **wah so lovely.. i also want**
Since i wasn't around that day, she wanted to take a photo with me as well. That's why she used the product that i am incharge of as well as the soft toy that Justine bought for me to represent me. Gosh... look at me, branded by Cloud 9 as well as the piggy... sob sob... is that really me ??!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

ChuChu's Bday & URC AGM - Eng Keong's Farewell

In actual, chuchu's bday is on last saturday. However, since we worked only 5 days week, we can either celebrate with her before her bday or after her bday. We decided to do it after her bday. Reason being her present is still on the way... hahaha.. we wanted to make the present something memorable and something special. That's why our beloved jane mama come across this absolutely fantastic idea to put together all her memories of URC into a big portray for her. below is the picture of the portray and chu chu crying when receiving this portray. Sincerely, i love the portray a lot as well......

Well.. a further description into the portray. When you look from far as per shown in the picture on the right, it looks just like a normal portray with Chu chu's picture. However, when you see close up, you will see that the portray is actually make of a few thousands small pictures of all of us (look at the above picture, does it looks like a jigsaw puzzle to you? yes, those jigsaw puzzle is actually all of our photos) Amazing isn't it ? this is completely cool.. we managed to make her cry with this portray... hahaa...

Well...finally, the day come... We have to say goodbye to our friendly Asst. General Manager, Mr Eng Keong. In actual, he
was the more of our lecturer, senior, boss, friend and etc. Reason being whenever we talk to our AGM, he will tell us his point of view as well as salesman point of view for any activities that we planned for them. With that, we have another different angle to view the whole situation rather than just from our own opinion. Moreover, he will teach us how to handle the business and what to do and not do from his experience. We really learned a lot from him. Personally, i really like him a lot. I will from time to time talk to him to understand his point of view as well as to learn from his experience.

Anyway, today our company organized this farewell party for him at sheraton, Subang. One of the chinese restaurant. As all of our company salesman, marketing & big management are chinese, we tend to celebrate any company occasion in chinese restaurant. Below are some of the snapshots taken during the farewell.....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Office Tom Yam Party

We had a tom yam party for lunch in our own office today. Yeah.. We are blessed with a pantry that has microwave, rice cooker & fridge. With that, we can actually do quite a lot of cooking in the office. With the arrival of a few new colleagues, we thought that it is good to have another round of tom yam party in the office to "kam ching" a bit.. Over in URC Marketing, kinda difficult not to show any photos of food as most of the time we are eating. We enjoy food and food is the only common language that we spoke. Besides that, food also de-stress us. Whenever we are unhappy, we will make sure we have good lunch to overcome our stress. In addition to that, we have one good cook here. Last time, before Justine left, we actually have two good COOk. Well... really miss Justine very much. Without her, our office is not so fun anymore......

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Today is my boss's birthday. Normally, our marketing department practice is to surprise that said person during his/her bday with cakes or present or both. For this round, i was not available that day as i had already applied leave to go to Genting with my parents. Somehow, those are the pictures taken that day when i was not around... Seems like quite a fun moment.

Above are pictures taken when my colleague, Chanttal, purposely wrapper one of our own company's product into a gift for him. Look at how good an actor he is, showing his happiness when receiving a product by our company..haha Way to go boss....

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Julius Treat

Today we managed to get Julius to treat us one last time before he leave Malaysia for good. Yeah yeah.. i know that lots of ppl start complaining my blog portraying too many photos of FOOD.. so i will refrain from uploading any food related photos for the time being.. hehe.. Anyway, back to the main topic, Julius will be going back to Manila to join his family there. Of course we all wish him all the best. Hope he will lead his team back in Manila as well as when he was leading us marketing team in Malaysia.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Media Prima

Today we have the opportunity to attend an event organized by Media Prima. Wow.. never in our dream had we known that it will be so grand. All of us went there in our usual working clothes without much make up at all. Imagine our horror when we reached there, most of those are clad in gown or really fabulous clothing with make up and fantastic hair do... sigh... that's my first regret..

however, i am happy that i am able to meet up with one of my long lost dancing friend, Rebecca. We used to learn latin dance together under Mr. Lee. woo... how nostalgic.. She always has a natural talent in dancing so i am not surprise to see her choosing dancing career path. All the best..

My Second regret is not staying long enough to take picture with my most admirable actor, Chan Kam Hong. I love him very very much especially DIV4, Placebo cure... wow... would really have love to take a photo with him... sigh... never mind. luckily my friends took it with him. so at least i get to see him in pictures ..hahaha

Friday, August 10, 2007

070810 - Melaka & Seremban

Went to Melaka for some business there. After our business, we went to Seremban for the food there. Heard that this restaurant was recommended by the Malaysian's "Ah Sian". A guy who goes to all the best area for local delicacies. My first impression of the place is "huh?!! this place is seriously good for the crab ? Well... we ta pao back for our family. When i brought it home, my parents first question is "yeah mer ? very good ar? looks normally only ma".... To our surprise, after the first bite...hmmm... the taste lasted very long. It is really superb. The "Siu Hai" is bloody good. Highly recommended !!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

070805 - Finally inside "Eyes On Msia"

Today, Dad suddenly said that we should all go to "Eyes on Msia". Of cos i was excited. I always love the ferries wheel and to be able to sit on such a large we went together with 2 cousins of us, vivian & Tuck Keng. The queue was surprisingly fast. We do not have to wait long for our turn. We pay RM 100.00 for one full gondola which can take max 8 pax. As we have already 7 ppl, we thought might as well. The view from atop is really awesome . However, the excitement came from being able to enjoy such view with one whole family. On this day, i too realized how important a good camera phone can do to us. We went there on the spur of the moment. Hence we do not have any camera with us except phone camera. Wow... luckily both our phone has nice camera.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

070804 - Rokuzen Fiesta

Wow... Been so long since we last came over to Rokuzen-Plaza Hartamas. Therefore, today i convinced my mum to de-tour to Plaza Hartamas to indulge ourselves with some japanese delicacies !!!.
The food that i find most solid is the softshell crab maki (the one with orangy colour topping sushi) follow by the Unagi maki. hmmmm... delicious. Today we tried the teapot soup. Surprisingly, it is very nice..... Me mum ordered sashimi... too bad. i don like sashimi...yeah yeah.. i know.. silly me. how can i love jap food but don eat sashimi.. hahaha.. well.. i just don know why. Guess it is the psychology thing. I don really dislike the sashimi. Just that when i am biting or chewing sashimi, my mind kept repeatedly inform me that i am eating raw food. Hence, i gave up trying to eat sashimi.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

In Memory of "2nd tiun kong"

Today during working hour, my sister suddenly called me. I was happy that she called until i realized what she has to say to me....

Sis:" Did you hear any news from mum?"
Me:" No wor.. What happen?"
Sis:" 2nd tiun kong passed away yesterday midnight in the hospital."
<*of course i was stunned. My mind totally blank...>
Me:" yorrr... How come ? what happen? how come he is in hospital?"
Sis:" Well..Apparently he had a sudden heart attack and was send to hospital in the evening and at night, he just passed away like that."
Me:" Shit ar.... So how? How is 2nd yi po?"
Sis:" Don know wo.. Mum is there with grandma dy."
Me:" Ok... Tonight must go back early so that we can attend the funeral ceremony."

Well.. i am sure most Chinese understand what i meant when i said funeral ceremony. For chinese, after somebody passed away, what we do is that we arrangee for either a one day, 3 days, 5 days or max 1 week funeral ceremony for the ceased person. The funeral can be in many styles depending on the immediate family wishes (there are sai kong style, buddhism style or many many more. I am sure my 2nd yi po's family will go for sai kong style... Unfortunately, by 6pm, my colleague brought a message from our M.Director saying that he wanted my help to compile something for the BIG meeting on thursday (which is the next next day) and that he is leaving on tomorrow morning 10am. Therefore, he needed those compilation tonight. When i received this news, i was very sure that i will not be able to make it for the first funeral day.....And just as i suspected, i only managed to go home at 10.30pm tonight. Yeah... i din make it for the first funeral day.... I actually felt a bit sad that i am not able to go. I guess after having experienced death in my own family(being my last uncle), i realized that being there to console the lost one's immediate family is very important and it comforts them and makes them felt so much better. It is true, having someone there to share the lost is better than alone... Nevertheless, it also makes a lasting impression as a person that ppl can depend on. The truth is, my 2nd yi po is a very nice person. She is always there whenever we are sad and will always be there to comfort us... Take for example my last uncle case, without doubt my granny was very miserable and sad at that time of his death and my 2nd yi po was there everyday (day & nite)... Therefore, when something like that happen to her, i wanted so much to be there also. Even if i don get a chance to talk to her or anything, by being there itself is a comfort for them. Luckily my sis, mum and dad were there. So at least i felt better. Nonetheless, i vow to go there tomorrow nite. A must for me.....

Monday, July 30, 2007

Eric Chang's Restaurant - First Trial

Today, i went with my cousin sis, jia yie to Cheras Swimming Pool to monitor the bus advertisement installation on behalf of URC. After the inspection, we went to Plaza Sri Hartamas to try out Eric Chang's Restaurant - Dim Sum. reputed, the food was quite pricey however, it was worth it as the food was solid. Especially love the "har kau" & "mak chap char siew bao". Both were awesome.

After food, we went window shopping and eventually i found out that the stuff in the shopping plaza isn't expensive at all. As shown in the picture, i bought a bag as well as two pairs of earrings. I considered all stuff that i bought was value for money !!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Eyes on Malaysia - 28th July 2007

Today, sis insisted that we try our way around KL. Yeah... even though we live quite near KL, we seldom go to KL. Therefore, most of the KL routes are still quite new to us.

Actually, the main reason being my sister needs to bring her customer around KL tomorrow. Thus, in order to reduce the chances of taking wrong turning and getting lost in KL, she would rather familiarize the routes first. Therefore, we went to "Eyes on Malaysia". Guess that is one of the attraction in KL. Since my sis's customer stay near to KLCC, therefore, we thought it will be useless to show them around KLCC. Hence, we chose "Eyes on Malaysia", Central Market & Petaling Street. first view of "Eyes on Malaysia". Unfortunately we did not sit on the cabel wheel. However, we promised to come again with our beloved brother... hehe....

Friday, July 27, 2007

On Leave - doin nuthin

Well.. Today finally i am able to take my leave. Basically i did not do anything except to laze around with books and movies. If you want to know further what i have read or watch, please go to

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our Marketing Director's Farewell Lunch

(Credit : Lindsay Jane) mentioned in my earlier post, our marketing director will be transferring back to URC Philippines to accept a senior post. Today, our company organized a buffet lunch to celebrate his farewell and to take this opportunity to wish him all the best in his future undertakings.

The one dressed in white short sleeve shirt is our marketing director. He is young, but he is very capable and intelligent...imagine that, being a Marketing Director and based here in Msia for so many years... Definately something right??!!

sigh... julius, it is sad that you are leaving but i am sure no matter what, family always come first. I felt that the decision to move back to Philippines to be with your family is the most correct decision. I hereby, wish you all the best in finding an everlasting love and happy family. is a picture of our marketing department as well as our parting gift to Julius. We felt that by giving him this album is the best gift ever as inside this album, we have compiled all the most unforgetable URC Malaysia Marketing memories. Hopefully, he will flip through the album whenever he misses Malaysia and gain some comfort and fond memories from there......

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kelvin's Birthday Party - 21st July 2007

Today is our beloved cousin, Kelvin Ng's 21st birthday and it so happen to be 21st July. Haha.. What a coincident. Well.. at first i actually wanted to skip the party ..Eventually i thought..WTF, he is my cousin ler.. of course must go. We are one big family ma.. Yeah... i went. We all had steamboat & BBQ. The food was awesome.

Also heard that my eldest cousin who was married last year finally PREGNANT !!! Woohoo... congratulation to her... So happy. now with this new born, our family will has four generation dy...

Jeanne's Double 2007 Open House

Today right after work, we were all invited to one of our friend-cum-boss open house. She has just move in to this new house in kemuning utama not long ago and thus, she invited all of us to grace her house for a lil bit of luck. According to Chinese believe, organizing an open house after moving in will bring lucks to the family. Well... i am not sure whether everybody believes in this tradition but somehow, for us, we looked at it as another opportunity to have a lil get-together & not forgetting, also an occasion to attack yummy food AGAIN !!

Wow... seems like right from the beginning when i join this company, our marketing department language seems to be food, food, food and more food...This reminds me of a drama that i have seen whereby it mentioned that in the whole world, ppl may have different custom, language & colour, however, there are three things in which everyone will share the same comman language and that is music, art & FOOD !!!

I guess the saying that "everything has a beginning " is really correct. Today is also the first time in history that i am introduce to some slight motherhood. hahaha.... I managed to carry & play with Tong Tong (my colleague's super cute baby girl)...Besides that, the greatest achievement being i manage to rock her to sleep...or rather almost to sleep... hahaha...

Love playing with baby. They are so cute. The best is to have them loving you back in turn!!! Tong Tong..u make my day.... Love you especially when you smile cos it really melts my heart. However, i guess i am not such a good influence on kids...hahaha... i manage to disrupt her "pai pai sou" as i introduce her to the joy of hitting sofa... so sorry jane jane... *wink*

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Farewell Lunch & Gift for Sasha & Justine

Finally the dreaded day has come. It is our time to say goodbye to both of our super crazy yet lovable colleagues, Justine & Sasha. Even though i had hope that this day never arrive, but as always, time never stop. Eventually, we have to face it whether we like it or not....

Parting is always a sad and miserable path to walk on... We got really emotional this time.. Guess we finally realized that losing both crazy awesome jokers will really change the ambience of our working environment. It has always been happy, happy and happy... But now, without both of u, it will become very quiet. I can foresee that our marketing floor will look and sound like a dead city without all of you guys around (namely, Justine, sasha, tivon[left] & julius[leaving soon]).

It was my lost and shame that i did not get to know you guys more than a year. However, i promised that i will treasure all the fond and happy memories that you guys have engrave in my heart. Especially Sasha, will always remember you as my teacher & Justine, will always keep your advise within my heart and if need arises, will use it wisely. Anyway, millions of thank you to both of you. !!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Leaving trend ...

Early in the morning, yet another news of resignation... My friend, S, has finally thrown her resignation letter. She has been contemplating the resignation for quite a few weeks dy and now finally it is done. There is no turning back anymore. sigh... what a de-motivating months. Everything start with one person resign, follow by another one after 2 weeks.. now, another one after 2 weeks again... OMG... this must be some kind of epidermic.... *shit*...

Turbo on to the max....03.07.07!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sammi's Concert in Genting - 23th June 2007

"wei, wanna go to Sammi's concert in Genting?" asked SHE.
"Why not. I am ok." Me answered.
There... That's how i ended up attending Sammi's Concert. I am not really an avid fan of Sammi but i quite like her songs. Therefore, no harm in attending it since it is held in Genting. I went to genting with my parents a day before the concert to enjoy the hospitality of Uncle Lim (even though we have to pay...hahahaha). The concert was fantastic. Very fun, rave...indescriptable... I am sure all Sammi's fans love it to the core.

The Nite Out i Missed....

I have always waited for a day to go clubbin with my bunch of friends from URC. And finally when the day arrived, i cannot make it.. What a killjoy... Yeah... this is because i went to Genting with my parents.. hehe. Well... hopefully we will have another such marvellous out soon. !!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dinner at Denny's - 21st June 2007

Today went out with my sis's friends to enjoy a good dinner at Denny's, Klang. Been there a few times already. So far, i still find that this restaurant serve the best Chicken Chop. It is juicy and crispy. Besides the Chicken Chop, I love the potato salad too. The best !! mama-mia... yum yum...

Karaoke Session With Trapper - 15th June 2007

Today, we went for a karaoke session with Trapper's staff. Coincidentally, the karaoke session co-incide with one of our colleague's, SHE, birthday. Besides that, tomorrow and next tuesday is also another 2 colleagues' birthday, Sexy mama & JC. Therefore, we took this opportunity to celebrate everybody's birthday together.

We went to Neway in One U, new wing. Quite a good ambience place. I love the room, the karaoke equipment and also the mouth-watering food.