Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Eye prob!!! Damn Irritating

Aiya... what a dissapointment. Woke up today with a sour eye. Really damn painful whenever i blink. Seems like there is some sort of "pimple" growing inside my eyelid. Damn. tell u..this is not a good feeling. Do hope that it will be alright tomorrow. Cross my finger and pray to god.. ehehe..

SORRY for the laidback..

So sorry. Been awhile since i last updated my blog. Well... will try to do it more frequently. bear with me pls... To all my Aussie frens... Sorry Sorry... Hope u guys don give up visiting my blog. hehe//

Well. currently i am working now. Love my job very much. Good boss, good environment, Good colleagues.. Yeah... what else can i ask for ?? of course... increment hahaha...

Well... promised that i wanna update my kunming photo but till now i haven't update it.. gomen nasai. Will do so next. As i am accessing internet in my office, therefore i dont have any photos with me now.

Well... hopefully all my friends are doing great. THis pict is taken during my colleague's birthday. A bunch of pleasant and funny friends. Love you guys. !!!