Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bucchan Caves, Lakes Entrance and Wyanga Winery

Today i went on a trip to Bucchan Caves. for your information, it is not pronounce as (bu chan)... it is pronounced as ( Buk-Khen)... a bit weird right??? well...that's how it is pronounced... well... i went there of course with my bunch of friend, mel, len, tim and also a new additional friend that i met this sem, Lily...!!!! Welcome her to Gippy!!!

well...i guess i don have to say much.... photos tell more than what i can say...therefore, without wasting any more of your time in reading, might as well jump straight to the photos below !!!

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the pict consist of hui ting, me, lily, mel, len and joyce.!!! go girl, go go, girl!!!

after that, we went to Lakes Entrance for our lunch whereby we had fish and chips and then, we proceeded to Wyanga Winery where we had our wine tasting. I tasted port, white wine, blackberry nips and etc... Well... let me tell u this, Blackberry nips when keep cool and mix with lemonade is absolutely delicious !!!! Below are pictures taken in Lakes entrance and also Wyanga Winery!!!

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