Friday, January 20, 2012

Finally, i have taken up the initiative to revivie my blog. yes i know.. it has been some times. The reason that prompted me to re-write my blog will be more on my travelling review & itinerary. My sister and i loves travelling. Most of the time, we will travel on our own instead of joining tour as we prefer the free & easy (no time constraint) travelling. In order to travel on our own, we need to do a lot of research & reading to come up with our itinerary, our budget allocation etc..... In this, my forte is marketing, so compilation of itinerary, planning and budget allocation is not an issue for me. As for my sister - Angie, her forte is reading reviews & blogs to do in-depth research on each and every places / accommodation that we planned to visit. We have always benefited from people's blogs & reviews. Hence, we feel that we should also contribute our knowledge and experience with others who are interested on the places that we have visited.