Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Office Tom Yam Party

We had a tom yam party for lunch in our own office today. Yeah.. We are blessed with a pantry that has microwave, rice cooker & fridge. With that, we can actually do quite a lot of cooking in the office. With the arrival of a few new colleagues, we thought that it is good to have another round of tom yam party in the office to "kam ching" a bit.. Over in URC Marketing, kinda difficult not to show any photos of food as most of the time we are eating. We enjoy food and food is the only common language that we spoke. Besides that, food also de-stress us. Whenever we are unhappy, we will make sure we have good lunch to overcome our stress. In addition to that, we have one good cook here. Last time, before Justine left, we actually have two good COOk. Well... really miss Justine very much. Without her, our office is not so fun anymore......

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Today is my boss's birthday. Normally, our marketing department practice is to surprise that said person during his/her bday with cakes or present or both. For this round, i was not available that day as i had already applied leave to go to Genting with my parents. Somehow, those are the pictures taken that day when i was not around... Seems like quite a fun moment.

Above are pictures taken when my colleague, Chanttal, purposely wrapper one of our own company's product into a gift for him. Look at how good an actor he is, showing his happiness when receiving a product by our company..haha Way to go boss....

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Julius Treat

Today we managed to get Julius to treat us one last time before he leave Malaysia for good. Yeah yeah.. i know that lots of ppl start complaining my blog portraying too many photos of FOOD.. so i will refrain from uploading any food related photos for the time being.. hehe.. Anyway, back to the main topic, Julius will be going back to Manila to join his family there. Of course we all wish him all the best. Hope he will lead his team back in Manila as well as when he was leading us marketing team in Malaysia.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Media Prima

Today we have the opportunity to attend an event organized by Media Prima. Wow.. never in our dream had we known that it will be so grand. All of us went there in our usual working clothes without much make up at all. Imagine our horror when we reached there, most of those are clad in gown or really fabulous clothing with make up and fantastic hair do... sigh... that's my first regret..

however, i am happy that i am able to meet up with one of my long lost dancing friend, Rebecca. We used to learn latin dance together under Mr. Lee. woo... how nostalgic.. She always has a natural talent in dancing so i am not surprise to see her choosing dancing career path. All the best..

My Second regret is not staying long enough to take picture with my most admirable actor, Chan Kam Hong. I love him very very much especially DIV4, Placebo cure... wow... would really have love to take a photo with him... sigh... never mind. luckily my friends took it with him. so at least i get to see him in pictures ..hahaha