Thursday, October 25, 2007

Resignation is the day i finally tender my resignation. Wow... never know that i will really leave this company as i really love working there. Well.. i guess people must move on to grow up... haha.. however, i will never forget all that i have learned, enjoyed and cultivate here. I will miss u guys tremendously

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our Beloved Joyce Chu Chu Farewell

About a month ago , we received a shocking news from Chu chu saying that she is going to resign and will be reporting to a new company soon. Well.. she is really secretive about her new working place. All we know is in KL, FMCG line but not food related... Wow.. what a small tip, we cannot guess at all where she is going.... Anyway, we still felt sad that she is going even though she is very quiet and not as "bising" as our dearest tiger.. haha *wink* (pls don kill me tiger).

Anyway, on that day, i was not able to attend on her last day. That is because i was going for my offer letter from *A* company. hehe.. yeah yeah.. soon i will be throwing my letter too...

Back to the main topic, so, today is her last day, so my colleagues surprised her with a bouquet of flowers (above is picture of the flowers) **wah so lovely.. i also want**
Since i wasn't around that day, she wanted to take a photo with me as well. That's why she used the product that i am incharge of as well as the soft toy that Justine bought for me to represent me. Gosh... look at me, branded by Cloud 9 as well as the piggy... sob sob... is that really me ??!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

ChuChu's Bday & URC AGM - Eng Keong's Farewell

In actual, chuchu's bday is on last saturday. However, since we worked only 5 days week, we can either celebrate with her before her bday or after her bday. We decided to do it after her bday. Reason being her present is still on the way... hahaha.. we wanted to make the present something memorable and something special. That's why our beloved jane mama come across this absolutely fantastic idea to put together all her memories of URC into a big portray for her. below is the picture of the portray and chu chu crying when receiving this portray. Sincerely, i love the portray a lot as well......

Well.. a further description into the portray. When you look from far as per shown in the picture on the right, it looks just like a normal portray with Chu chu's picture. However, when you see close up, you will see that the portray is actually make of a few thousands small pictures of all of us (look at the above picture, does it looks like a jigsaw puzzle to you? yes, those jigsaw puzzle is actually all of our photos) Amazing isn't it ? this is completely cool.. we managed to make her cry with this portray... hahaa...

Well...finally, the day come... We have to say goodbye to our friendly Asst. General Manager, Mr Eng Keong. In actual, he
was the more of our lecturer, senior, boss, friend and etc. Reason being whenever we talk to our AGM, he will tell us his point of view as well as salesman point of view for any activities that we planned for them. With that, we have another different angle to view the whole situation rather than just from our own opinion. Moreover, he will teach us how to handle the business and what to do and not do from his experience. We really learned a lot from him. Personally, i really like him a lot. I will from time to time talk to him to understand his point of view as well as to learn from his experience.

Anyway, today our company organized this farewell party for him at sheraton, Subang. One of the chinese restaurant. As all of our company salesman, marketing & big management are chinese, we tend to celebrate any company occasion in chinese restaurant. Below are some of the snapshots taken during the farewell.....