Monday, August 29, 2005

1 week trip to Kunming, China

After much convincing and persuades, my dad finally agreed to have a family vacation in Yunnan, China. Basically, our route is from Kunming to Dali then to LiJiang and then back to Kunming. The whole trip comprised of 8 days 6 nights in China. the other two nights were in aeroplane. The first day, our departure time is 21 August 2am at mignight ( or u can also say 22nd aud 2am in the morning). By the time we reached Kunming's airport, it was 7am . And that itself consider a day already. Anyway, the whole trip was fantastic. I will try to upload all those pictures soon.

Finally... after all this time, i have all the photos ready now...

Mushroom name that u know, i am sure it is in our steamboat.!!!


Well... Finally have to hunt for job. Not much excitement at all... job-hunting means finally, i have to face the real world. sad to say this, but i would much rather just study and be with a bunch of my friends back in Gippy. Those days were really happy. Now, I have to start thinking about saving money, earning money, paying petrol, fees, and also the cost of a brand new car. My dad agreed to buy me a car as i don have a car yet. But the agreement is that i have to pay the monthly cost of the car. which is about RM 700. Thinking about this makes me feel sad as fresh graduates' rate is only about RM 1800 - RM 2000 MAX !!!! sigh.... well... have to try my best though. Wish me luck !!!!

Tasmania Trip

wuhu.,.,... finally came to Tasmania. Tasmania is a really pictureque place. The scenery is breath-taking. However, like all other country or state, beautiful scenery means that you should not expect something as happening as Sdyney or Melbourne City. To all Gippy friends, Tassy is hmm... more gippy than gippy.... hahaha... i guess u understand what i meant. The different is that you should substitute all those cows in Gippy to Sheeps !!!!! My whole trip there was not to say very memorable (due to some problem that i faced which caused me to feel really down and emotional) but apart from that, the scenery is not something that u can forget easily. Below are pictures taken in Tassy. Whether tassy is beautiful or not, u can be the judge !!!

Images from Tasmania

HEHEHE.... Sorry for the long wait.!!!

dear all, I am so sorry that i sort of completely stop updating my blog. Well... now, here i am. Back to this webpage to let all of u my friends know what is happening around me since july this year. hahaha... Well , to all of my friends, i finally graduated !!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Special Thanks to Longy and Mel for accompanying me and also supporting me throughout that whole exam period. Without u guys, i am sure i would have completely gone berserk !!!... Thanks again for letting me a shoulder to cry and also the effective counselling. Besides that, yo...Audrey and Lily, thanks for being my study companion. Really appreciate that especially Audrey's cooking (during exam period and the week before) !!! lastly, thanks to all my friends who were there to guide me through my stressful final sem; Len, Tim, Felicia (thx 4 ur advice), Alvin, Alicia, shea Li, Joe wiz and etc. Love you guys !!!! Really miss you guys and all the wonderful exciting, hilarious moment in Gippy !!!!!