Sunday, April 16, 2006


I can't believe there is such handsome guy around in the world. Was watching "frog prince" a taiwanese series love story for the past few days. Ever since then, i felt completely in love with the Main actor "ming dao". He is so cute. I love him acting as "shan jun hao". He is sooooo cooll... every girls dream man...!!!! How i wish there are such gorgeous "actual" person around with such good qualities as "shan jun hao". Becos of this movie, finally i am able to encourage myself to go on diet. I have since then, shred a few kgs. I am proud of it!!! Hehe.. now i feel good and looks good with whatever clothes that i wear. Do hope that i will be able to continue with this diet plan till i am completely "gorgeous". pls pls pls... do let me be able to continue till i have my ideal weight.. hahaha... but i guess i am not that displine... hahaha..