Wednesday, September 29, 2004

4th day in Canberra: Aust. Royal Mint, Nat.Gallery & Departure date

Today i had my breakfast with Eun Jeong, the Korean lady. She gave me one roll of sushi and asked me to share with her the rest of the sushi. I ate only 3 pieces as i don eat breakfast usually.

Went to the Australian Royal Mint today. i mint my own $1....hahaha...however, the process was so fast that u can't see anything at all.... after that i went to the High Court of Australia, decided to have my lunch is not ever time that u go into the High Court therefore i told myself that no matter what i must have lunch there. i ate my favourite food, Quiche. hahaha... really nice. I like it. then i set off to the National Gallery which is just beside the high Court. Spent about 45 min.

On my back back to my hotel which is about 2.30pm, i met with yet another lady that traveled alone. She is from Taiwan...( seems i am not the only one travel alone!!!!) Her name is Yu Fen. She is also planning to come to Melbourne on 29th which is the same day as the Korean lady... Anyway, by 3.00pm i reached my hotel, instead of collecting my backpack from the receptionist, i went to the Canberra Centre again to have a last look around. As i was about to collect my bag from the reception counter, to my suprise i see 2 of my seniors at the reception.... They just reached here today. Unfortunately, since i am leaving already so i can't tell them much. Just a quick guide on the places that i felt they must visit and then i left to catch a shuttle bus to the airport at platform 6.

Reached melbourne City at 7.oopm. Waited for th train back to Morwell at 8.30pm and finally reached reached Morwell at 10.45pm. My friend, Darrel, came to pick me up from the train station and brought me safely home to my house in Churchill. So by the time i reached home, it was already 11.00pm. Thanks to Darrel..............!!!!! by the way, He is our ISA (international Student Association) president this semester. hehehe.....

3rd day in Canberra:Cockington Green, Canberra Centre

As usual in Canberra, waking up at 6.ooam is already a habit(pls note, only in Canberra, *wink*, it is impossible for me to wake up that early in my Uni campus...hahaha). I took a shower and went out at about 8.08am. Missed the bus to Gold Creek Village. the purpose to Gold Creek Village was for the little miniature Great Britain in Cockington Green Garden. I had to wait for the 8.20am bus (no.52 platform 8). Reached there at about 9.05am however, cockington Green open at 9.30am. so i took the 25 minutes to take pictures. At about 9.30am, as soon as the gate opened, i went in to purchase my entry ticket and also the guide book. All this cost me about AUD$15.oo. As i imagined, i really love this place very very much. Surprisingly on that day, there were a lots of tourists either from Europe or from India... Well...those European ppl were really friendly and helpful. They helped me took a few photos...Thanks to them... hahaha... below are the pictures of Cockington Green Garden.
first=entrance of cockington green, inside of cockington green,

I also bought a lot of things here in Cockington Green Garden's shop....**SIGH** what to do...??? i am already broke.... i left Cockington at about 2.30pm. I went back to my Hotel to put all my stuff away and then went to Canberra Centre to get myself a daypack. The sling bag that i brought with me almost killed me especially when i have a lot of stuff in my bag. Hahaha... happy to get myself a red daypack which cost me about AUD$45. Well... by 6pm, i went back to my hostel and ate dinner at 7pm. Today, another person was added to our room. Her name is Bae Eun Jeong from Korea. Nice lady. I talked to her and told her how to walk about in Canberra. I gave her a RM10 as souvenir from Malaysia and in return she gave me 1000 won... hahaha... i told her not to..but she insisted... so happy that i now have a friend from Korea....and also...(***darling*** if u see this,well...i do it for u also...hahha... i remember u said something about Korean girls are cute... hehehe... i have her contact details with me... i will pass it to u if u ask..hahaha...**wink**)

Sunday, September 26, 2004

2nd day in Canberra: Nat.Library, Questacon, OPH, NPH and sunday market

well...took a shower at 5.30am and went out for a stroll at 7.ooam. Today i went to the National Library. hahah... i din go in anyway...just to take photos. and then within walking distance (app. 10min) is the Questacon (the sci and tech building). Interesting place... After that, i went to the Old parliament house and also the New parliament house. By 2.30pm, i left the New Parliament House and walked to the Sunday Market in wentworth, Kingston which took me 1 hrs to reach there. however, the sunday market closed at 4pm and i reached there at 3.30pm...sad..:( not much time for me to walk around... by 4.15pm, i left the sunday market and went to a nearby bus stop and waited for the bus. At that time, i was a bit scared as someone actually shouted at two Asian guy "CHINA BOY"...that's make me really scare as i was there and i was thinking what if the bus does not turn up at all???!!! luckily, the bus arrived at 5.30pm and i reached my hotel at about 6pm. Had my dinner and talked to my room mate, Marianne Riphogen from Netherlands. She has very good english!!

1st day in Canberra: War Memorial & Floriade

Arrived at Canberra airport about 8.45am. Board on a cab to bring me to my hotel:City Walk Hotel as shuttle buses do not operate on weekends. The hotel is more like a hostel as it is suited for backpackers. AUD$22 per night with kitchen facilities, clean linen, donna , a common area, toilets and shower rooms). FYI, the $22 is for a night where u share room with another 5 person ( is six bed per room). Not bad. i do like the hotel anyway as it is clean. Below is a picture of the room.

after i checked in my room, i went straight to the War Memorial by a bus (by the way, the bus interchange is just directly in front of my hotel:convenient right??? hehe....). Cost me about AUD$2.40 for the bus fare. With international student card, u will be able to get a concession price which is about AUD$1.30. Well...on the whole, war memorial is like what the name suggest, "WAR MEMORIAL". So everything u see is about war. Well...for those who like history very very much, this is the place for u!!! **WINK** However, for me, does give me a very eerie feeling... some of the sculpture there makes me scared...hahaha... I spent about 3 hrs there.

After that i went to Floriade, the famous flower extravaganza. Beautiful. really lovely. I love it. Below are a few pictures on Floriade. to tell the truth, i don quite dare to ask ppl to take picture for me at the very beginning, therefore, the only pict of me in the war memorial is the above pict...hehehe... **blush**, ppl shy ma.... However, at the Floriade, as the flowers are too beautiful, i gather my courage and started asking people to take photos for me...haha... (FYI, i went to Canberra alone, a real fantastic experience!! **wink**). on the right side of the photo is capt.cook memorial jet. it only operates from 10-12pm and also from 2-4pm. Well...after that, which is about 4pm. I was very very tired as i did not sleep the day before, so i went back to the hotel and slept at 6pm. unfortunately woke up at 12 midnight and just tossed and turned about in my bed until 5.30am where i got up to take a bath...:( sad....

Friday, September 24, 2004

the departure date!!!

Today i slept at 6am because i took me whole night to research & plan my trip to Canberra and also to pack my bag. I woke up at about 2pm, prepare myself and by 5pm, Alicia fetch me to the Morwell train station of which i depart to Melbource City (Spencer St. to be exact)at about 5.30pm (A big THANKS to u, Alicia **wink**). I met with a bangladesh doctor in the train. He is also going to Melbourne city but heading off at Dandenong. I reached Spencer st. at about 7.45pm. as my flight is tomorrow morning 25th sept at 7.45am, therefore, i don plan to sleep at all as i am sure i wont be able to wake up on time (**blush**). hahaha... my housemate can easily be my witness as they have to suffer the noisiness of my alarm clock while i still sleep like a log most of the time...hahahaha... (**sorry to them all**) ;P

well....since i have nothing to do in Melbourne city, i went to the Crown. well... for your information, i did not gamble at all... hahaha... i just went there to sit and also to take some pictures. These pictures below are all taken in front of the Crown.

hahaha....nice right??? i am proud of it as well...hahaha... anyway, i sat by the river until 2.30am and then i walked back to Spencer st. to board the shuttle bus to Melbourne airport. I reach there at about 3.30am and spent the rest of my time reading in the airport. Finally board my flight at 7.30am and the plane "Virgin blue" depart Melbourne City at 7.45am. TO CANBERRA, HERE I COME.............!!!!!!!!!