Monday, February 06, 2012

Korea 7 Days 6 Nights (Jeju + Seoul)

Day 1 (part 1)
WooHoo.... Arrived at Seoul. The flight that day arrived as per scheduled. We spend some time at the ladies room (washroom) to layer up especially for some of our other travelling partners who were super afraid of COLD weather. Yeap.... it is their first time travelling in WINTER...!!! for Angie and Myself, it was nothing as we have been to Harbin before in 2008 and during that time, the weather is 4x colder than now. (fyi, korea is -4C at the time of our arrival).

Once we stepped out
of the ladies, we walked towards immigration clearance area. WOW.... there were so many peoples (especially for foreign passport). We waited for close to an hour to finally had our passport stamped. With that, we went to collect our luggage and proceeded outside to check out the tourism information counter. Both myself and Angie went looking for the Hanjin Express which is located in 1st or 3rd floor (near to counter A). The reason we are looking for Hanjin Express is because there were 2 bags which we do not plan to bring to JEJU (those two bags are really huge bags which we planned to pack all our shopping items when we shop in Seoul later). I am sure you have seen our itinerary, we are travelling to Jeju on the first day and will stay in Jeju 3 nights before flying back to Seoul. We informed the Hanjin Express guy that we want our 2 luggages to be transferred to MOON GUESTHOUSE (which is our accommodation in Seoul on our 4th & 5th night). We thought that the charges to courier our luggage there will cost a ton. Surprisingly, it cost only W9000 per bag (equivalent to RM25.65 where w2.85 = RM1.00 at the time when we exchange all our Korean Won).

After this was done. We traveled to G
IMPO airport via AREX subway. It cost only W3,900 @ RM11.10. To go to the AREX subway, you just need to go to B1 from the lift near exit 5. I know that there are a few other lift that can reach that place but cannot remember already. All you need to do is ask the tourist information counter for the info. They speak English. The train takes about 20 - 30 minutes to reach GIMPO.

Once there, we went directly to EASTERJET counter to ask for our flight ticket to be exchange. At that time, it was around 9.30am. We exchanged our ticket from original flight to Jeju at 1.30pm to flight at 11.45am. The additional cost per pax which we need for forked up is W6,000 @ RM17.10. FYI, the flight ticket is inclusive of 15kg bag check-in.
(referring to my previous blog where i booked my flight ticket at W102,000. With additional W6,000, the total flight ticket to Jeju (return) is W108,000 @ RM307.80).

Since we have about an hour to spare, we went to the closest convenient store to have our breakfast (something simple and on-the-go).
after we filled our stomach, we waited at the gate for the flight attendance to inform us when we can board the flight. At 11.45am, we boarded the flight and depart for Jeju.

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