Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Korea 7 Days 6 Nights (Jeju + Seoul)

Since last year 23rd May 2011, we have already booked our flight to Korea Incheon for 7 days 6 nights from 5th Feb'12 - 11th Feb'12. Yeah.... most of you would have thought that we planned to go there skiing - one of the best skiing place in the world. Unfortunately, i have had bad experiences with skiing previously, hence, i avoided skiing like a mad woman ...
Yeap, our trip is just purely sight-seeing in WINTER time Korea. Yahooo........

Below were the itinerary that Angie and i worked out for our Korea 7 days 6 nights trip.
[The picture shown below were some of the pictures taken from internet intended for personal use only]

The above calculation is based on exchange rate of RM3:W1,000

Well.... as usual, this is just planned itinerary, the final trip may turned out completely different from the above but i guess i prefer to have some basis to estimate our budget & travelling itinerary.

Based on above calculation, we estimated to use about RM2,500 (transport [car rental, petrol, jeju internal flight & subway in Seoul], meals, accommodation, entrance fee etc)
Our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Incheon Airport is RM970 all in (2 x meals, 15kg bag & 30kg bag return, seating arrangement etc).
Total estimated budget for 7 days 6 nights Korea (Seoul + Jeju) = RM2500 + RM970 = RM3,470.

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